Participation in one of our programs is often a powerful experience. Your child may come back from his or her activity with many stories to tell and also a bit different. Many times taking part in CISV has a positive effect on the whole family. So CISV is not just for children; instead the experience more often involves the whole family – it is a complete family experience.

Read the stories below from some of our parents.

“CISV came along at a time when my 11 year old needed a place to fit in, to establish new friends, to increase her self-esteem and to relate to healthy adolescents. CISV provided this ‘family’ to her.”

“I learned all that my son taught me and more about culture, people, places and me. I learned that these experience have to continue for all of us.” (This comment was from a parent who decided to become a leader in order to better understand what her son had experienced at a Village)

“One of the children went to a Village in the United States. After coming back to Japan, he wondered and asked me [mother] why kids from other countries were able to speak and communicate in English. The question became an objective that he wanted to accomplish the most. He was preparing for an entrance exam for local junior high school. However, he changed his mind and decided to go to international school where the lessons are taught in English. I was very suprised but happy to see my son being eager to achieve his goal and actually choose his own way by his own decision.”