Interested in donating a month of your time to take four children to an exciting camp in Japan? Thinking of helping out your local CISV association from time-to-time with running local activities? Or would you want to get involved internationally?

There are many volunteering opportunities for you, including:

  • Work with children and youth here in the Cincinnati Area.
  • Organize educational activities and programs hosted by our chapter
  • Become a leader for a youth delegation sent by our chapters
  • Help our chapter in fundraising, training and marketing
  • Contribute to the inner-workings of a 50 year old multinational organization by volunteering for CISV USA and its National Office or National Board

By volunteering you would be contributing to our invaluable educational work. But that’s not all! Volunteering in CISV gives you an unforgettable experience and teaches you many new skills. Read more about the benefits of volunteering.